Signature Programs

Keeping the body and mind engaged is just as important to staying healthy as your annual physical – no matter what stage of life you’re in. Whether you want to try new, exciting activities or continue pursuing the ones you’re already passionate about, The Acadian at Southwind makes it possible.

Robust Activities for Active Lifestyles

Our signature programs are progressive, always-evolving, and based on the interests of today’s thriving seniors. They are never about filling time, but tapping into residents’ passions and creativity through robust activities, such as senior exercise classes, fun group sewing projects, and off-site excursions. Plus, coffee socials and outdoor family barbeques, rooted in local traditions, are also a regular part of our repertoire. Our programs are both engaging and diverse, allowing residents at The Acadian at Southwind to pursue the lifestyles they’re passionate about.

Craft. Create. Connect.

The “Craft. Create. Connect.” program helps bring people together and offers therapeutic health benefits through light-hearted conversation and sewing projects. Whether you’re an expert or want to learn, there’s always a fun sewing project underway. The group loves to donate their handmade treasures to local charities or gift them to family and friends.

Pet Visits

With Pet Visits, our residents enjoy the many health benefits that come from innovative visits that involves interacting with lovable animals. Our residents experience reduced stress after interacting with a variety of animals, ranging from dogs, cats, horses, and even show animals.

Taste and Critique

With Taste and Critique, residents’ inner food critic comes alive as the group visits the best local restaurants in town to try new foods and revel in old favorites. The discussion is nothing short of lively as residents weigh in on which dish was their favorite and which one is on the chopping block.

Senior Socials

Our Senior Socials offer a wide variety of lighthearted, fun activities for seniors, like Trivia, cooking classes, and religious gatherings to help strengthen community friendships. The socials create opportunities for moments of laughter and connection where relationships are formed and lasting memories are made.

Senior Fit

Senior Fit offers residents a wide variety of relaxing and energizing exercise classes designed for seniors to enjoy, including yoga, aerobics, weight training, and more. Residents experience improved well-being and a renewed sense of energy – both mentally and physically.