Pet Visits

At The Acadian at Southwind, our residents enjoy countless health benefits from our innovative Pet Visits program. Residents are delighted by a variety of pets, ranging from dogs and cats to show and fair animals.

The Therapeutic Power Of Pets

For some medical and mental health issues, prescription drugs aren’t the best medicine – it’s pet visits (also known as animal-assisted therapy) in the form of a wet nose or a warm hug to brighten a resident’s day!

We’ve seen the positive impact that the friendship of a furry friend has had on our residents. Pet visits are known to boost well-being and help improve some health conditions.

The benefits of pet visits for seniors are abundant! They may include:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Releasing endorphins that have a calming effect
  • Reducing stress, anxiety and feelings of loneliness
  • Diminishing overall physical pain
  • Stimulating memory
  • Increasing socialization and sense of community

Visits are beneficial for everyone involved – the animals enjoy the attention and companionship as much as our residents. Days are brighter, smiles are bigger, and laughter is louder.