Senior Socials

By helping to build bonds within The Acadian at Southwind community through fun and meaningful social gatherings designed for seniors, relationships form and blossom into friendships.

Creating Opportunities For Friendships To Blossom

Our signature Senior Socials program offers interactive, fun monthly group activities to encourage social engagement, laughter and community bonds. While we’re always adding new and unique activities, a few of our most popular socials include Trivia, Kitchen Therapy, cooking demonstrations, and Religious Gatherings.


Not only is our community designed for an active lifestyle, but it’s also designed to stimulate the brain to keep the mind sharp and active. Residents love gathering together over refreshments to play trivia and talk about current events, from pop culture to politics, and everything in-between!

Our trivia socials stimulate the brain, activate new learning, and reminiscence.

Religious Gatherings

We’re proud to have a culturally diverse community of residents from every walk of life. And when it comes to religious beliefs, it’s no different.

Since our residents practice many different religions and have different belief systems, we maintain ongoing partnerships with several churches and organizations in the area. Local volunteers frequently visit our residents to offer on-site religious services that are open to anyone who would like to attend.

A few of our most popular religious programs include:

  • Daily Rosary (resident or staff led)
  • Weekly Mass (performed by a priest from the local community)
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul (group meditation and study)
  • Holy Communion (offered by ordained Eucharistic Ministers)


Our residents experience many benefits and positive feelings from the religious services, including:

  • Maintaining a sense of meaningful purpose in life
  • Coping with circumstances and feelings associated with aging, loss, medical concerns, and physical changes
  • Encouraging socialization and connection among the community
  • Belief system remains fluid and validated

Kitchen Therapy

Kitchen Therapy offers fun-spirited cooking demonstrations to support social connections and cultural ties in the kitchen, and promotes a sense of community among residents. Residents are always left smiling with delicious meals to enjoy and fond memories to look back on.

Kitchen Therapy is led by staff members who are knowledgeable about recipes and have a spirited passion for Louisiana cooking. Our staff members and residents regularly whip up signature favorites along with new and unique recipes. Residents thoroughly enjoy being part of food preparations for parties and events. But what they love even more is when it’s time to sample the completed dishes.

Everyone looks forward to cooking demo days. Kitchen Therapy spurs laughter, social connections, and joyous memories among residents. They also look forward to sharing some of the recipes with their family members.