Craft. Create. Connect.

Nothing brings our residents together in a meaningful way quite like our signature “Craft. Create. Connect.” program.

Conversations Tailored For Connection

Craft. Create. Connect. is a light-hearted and therapeutic group activity that offers sewing classes and demonstrations, including machine and hand sewing techniques. The program encourages residents to visit over conversation and refreshments, while they work together on a sewing project, typically toward a common goal and for a good cause.

For beginners, sewing projects usually include vests and aprons. The group frequently crochets hats to be donated to charities and those in need around the local community.

Craft. Create. Connect. is the perfect opportunity to practice or learn sewing, while catching up with friends. From creating a baby blanket for a staff member’s baby shower, to knitting scarves for a family member’s birthday, working together on fun projects naturally builds a sense of comraderie and lasting bonds between our residents. Plus, residents have the opportunity to socialize with purpose and meaning, promoting a sense of independence and productivity.